by Enzo Berti

There's a special hour of the day when the light of the sunset creates magnetic contrasts and a magic and almost unreal atmosphere: that's the heure bleue.

Ora Blu is a table that can extend, creating two different shapes, to make room for friends and family with whom to share unique moments. The particular construction technique developed for this table makes extension mechanisms invisible. Ora Blu is characterised by the particular intersection of its legs, with a clear geometric vocation: a sculptural character, that at the same time reminds the playful dimension of a great framework.

Sophisticated details refine and enrich the natural beauty of solid walnut, recreating the unreal aura that inspired the design of this charming object: the clear manifesto of a great culture of solid wood. Thickness and proportions suggest strenght, while the finish in oiled walnut and the hidden leather details confer a timeless elegance.




Closed: cm 200 x 100 x 76 h
1 leaf: cm 260 x 100 x 76 h
2 leaves: cm 320 x 100 x 76 h


  • Oiled walnut
    Oiled walnut

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