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In the right light, with the right design

the collection

The environment changes appearance and becomes welcoming, thanks to the right light and the refined taste of LANDO design lamps.
A collection of chandeliers, wall lights and suspension lamps that are perfect to make any type of environment in perfect harmony with those who live there.
Careful research, exceptional design and Italian craftsmanship: these are the elements that make LANDO ceramic products so unique.
Ceramic, porcelain and stoneware biscuits are transformed by Paola Navone's thought into decorative and lighting objects, with a classic style capable of communicating with the contemporary.
The simple and essential shapes thus make these lighting elements sophisticated and elegant, placing them outside of time and space. However, their materiality and the dialogue with a European and Eastern historical memory make them immediately familiar.

original elegance

The refined design, attentive to details, is able to give originality and a touch of elegance to the living area. The chandeliers, made with attention to every detail, are characterized by original beauty that makes them perfect for residential and receptive environments that need to be enhanced with elegant and measured splendor.

Designer Paola Navone

Outspoken, dreamy, eclectic: in her soul live together flavors and colors of the East, known, loved, frequented, combined with the taste and forms of the West rich in traditions, open, moving.

dreamy materiality

The pottery reveals a story coming from the ancient artisan shops. The rough, almost unfinished lines and the pure materiality of the biscuit make this series of chandeliers timeless objects, protagonists both in classic and contemporary contexts.

territoriality, materiality and manual skills:
three precious concepts that represent the value of each LANDO furniture.

LANDO is a company that has been choosing quality in all its expressions for more than 40 years:

in the refined design, in the selection of precious materials, in the refined processing techniques.

A global choice in which the company recognizes itself and which it likes to define as "quality of thought".

Small table-LANDO


A state-of-the-art production plant, an organized technical office and experience in the processing of different materials, make LANDO the ideal partner for the realization of your projects.

Made in italy_LANDO.jpg


The sophisticated and at the same time genuine aura emanating from LANDO products comes from the skilled hands of its craftsmen: a 100% Made in Italy production. The company production center is the heart of the company.

sustainable quality_LANDO


A quality piece of furniture is also a piece of furniture that helps the environment. The wood used in each LANDO product comes exclusively from controlled forests, managed in compliance with ecological processes. 

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