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LANDO chooses only excellent quality raw materials, carefully selected with respect for the environment. The wood, of controlled origin and belonging to tradition, must be worked in full thickness to enhance its original intensity. Wood, marble, glass let themselves be molded by artisan hands and are reborn in a new, fascinating creation.


Larch from Austrian lands is one of the oldest and most popular types of wood. Of the highest quality, the larch chosen by LANDO is planted, in line with sustainable choices. The wood is checked so that there are no resin pockets and treated to obtain different chromatic yields. Its linear veins and the high contrast between sapwood and heartwood are enhanced in this collection thanks to the handmade sandblasting process to which the wood is subjected.


Coming from the areas of Northeast America, where the forest environment is preserved with extreme care, the American walnut is known in Italy as black walnut. This walnut differs from the national one for its more variegated tone, dark brown, which makes it a very elegant and versatile wood. The color is revived thanks to the application of natural oil or preserves the vigor of its natural woody fiber. 


This oak boasts a long tradition of use in furniture, especially in Nordic culture, appreciated for its aesthetic appearance and its resistance. Coming from the forests of Slavonia, a region of eastern Croatia, the oak is carefully selected by the master cabinetmakers LANDO. Fully recyclable, this wood confirms LANDO's attention and engagement with sustainability.


 LANDO carefully chooses this precious wood, originally from Europe, with a wavy grain. A wood rich in history and charm rendered in different color ranges that allow the creation of modern projects with a classic flavor.