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Attentive to the needs of the hotel industry, LANDO has developed tailor-made solutions for each project: armchairs and coffee tables, consoles, tables and chairs for meeting rooms, lighting, enrich the hotel environment. 

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LANDO also offers contract solutions for offices and work environments: bar counters, tables, chairs, service furniture and containers, kitchens, lighting elements are just some of the possible creations for companies.



True luxury is made-to-measure furniture.
Being able to make it means knowing how to communicate with the client, knowing how to interpret their requests and wishes to find the best technical and aesthetic solutions. This is why clients, from Manila to New York, from Tel Aviv to London, entrust their most exclusive projects to LANDO.



With its refined furnishings, LANDO enhances the sharing rooms, creating refined restaurant rooms where conviviality is immersed in elegance.

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For prestigious places dedicated to retail, LANDO chooses solutions that fit perfectly into luxury spaces, creating modern elements capable of spreading the charm of Made in Italy.

why contract LANDO

Quality, knowledge, passion, perfectionism and tradition are elements that identify each of our products, guaranteeing an always unique result.

What makes LANDO the ideal partner for new projects is the ability to adapt production (dimensions, finishes, materials, design) to the most specific needs, and to propose exclusive tailor-made solutions for every style and atmosphere.

For over 40 years we have been collaborating with the most renowned architects and designers for the realization of private and contract projects at an international level, in the residential, retail and luxury hospitality sectors.


With LANDO it is possible to create unique pieces based on drawings for your own project, without renouncing the technical support and quality guarantee of a recognized brand. The production is based on an accurate and meticulous process, which begins with the study of details and ends with the creation of unique and exclusive pieces. Thanks to the passion for design and dedication to craftsmanship, LANDO is able to offer high-quality furniture that stands out for its beauty, functionality and durability.


study of details

A specialized technical office carefully analyzes the customer's needs, evaluates the characteristics of the spaces and considers aesthetic and functional preferences. The goal is to fully understand the customer's expectations and to identify the most suitable solutions to satisfy them.

In addition, extensive research is carried out on the most suitable materials, finishes and production techniques to ensure the quality and durability of the furniture. LANDO makes use of a wide range of precious materials, such as solid woods, marbles and metals, and uses traditional and innovative techniques to make its products.

project development

Once all the necessary information has been collected and analyzed, we move on to the project development phase. Thanks to the collaboration between the designers and the craftsmen, each project is optimized in terms of aesthetics, functionality and manufacturability.

After discussing and refining the project with the client, a 3D rendering is made to get a preview of the final result. This allows the customer to evaluate and request any changes before proceeding with the implementation.


The last phase of the artisan production of LANDO furniture is the realization. In this phase, the company's expert craftsmen apply their skills and know-how to transform the project into a finished product. Each piece is crafted with care and precision, using traditional and innovative techniques to ensure the highest quality and durability.

During the construction, the LANDO company pays particular attention to the choice of materials, finishes and construction details, such as joints and finishes, to ensure an excellent user experience. Each piece of furniture undergoes strict quality controls before being delivered to the customer.

selected projects

Luxury hotel and times of fashion, LANDO adds notes of style to any environment.


architects and designers

The ability to create customized projects is combined with the creativity and the most exclusive projects of internationally renowned designers and architects.

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