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Patrizio Corno

The subject of mobility in the domestic environment [...] led him to invent the term "metropolitan nomadism".

With an eclectic and curious mentality, since the beginning of his professional career he has sought new alternative and innovative ways to set up living spaces. His designs are simple, essential, but surprising for their functional personality. Many projects have been pioneers of ideas that the furniture industry has adopted on a large scale. The main theme of mobility within the domestic environment, research that has developed since its beginnings, led him to coin the term that has become international of "metropolitan nomadism".

He alternated his activity as an architect with that of designer and marketing consultant for the companies Pirelli Motovelo Spa, Regina Extra Spa, Brunati Italia, Oikos Spa, Taif Italia Spa, IDK Italia, Klopman International Spa, Rossetti Spa, Amalgama Srl, Hi Design Srl, Amat A3, Tolix, Marzorati Ronchetti Spa, Metals, Ron Arad Studio, Nomade / GFR, Cinova, for which he defined the product development and oversaw the promotion and commercial distribution.


The unique design

The modern design, consisting of clean and essential lines, catches the eye. The furniture elements move in the space.

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