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From the idea to the elegance of the finished product

progettazione tavolo made in Italy


At an early stage in the process of creating a custom-made design product, we collaborate with a team of internationally renowned designers. Paola Navone, Enzo Berti, Telemaco and Alessandra Covini are just a few of the renowned designers whose creations LANDO makes. Prestigious names to create a unique and customised product.

materials and finishes

The choice of materials and finishes is crucial to ensure that the final product fully reflects the customer's wishes and needs. We carefully select raw materials with respect for the environment and evaluate the most suitable materials for each project with an eye on aesthetics, never forgetting durability and sustainability.

prototype and product

After a careful design process, a prototype of the product is made. This step is essential to verify that the design accurately translates into reality. Once the prototype has been approved, production of the final product proceeds.

Designer Paola Navone
dsign e progettazione


The creation phase face-to-face with the customer.

Progetto per il cliente
Scelta delle materie prime


With you in every detail.

consultancy for the "LANDO House"

Every customer is unique and deserves personalised advice. An in-depth analysis of the customer's needs and desires allows us to best understand the details required to create products in line with the space of the home and its inhabitants.

the project

The initial consultation with the customer allows our technical department to draw up a detailed plan. This plan takes into account the size of the space, the desired style and the practical elements required, such as custom-made furniture or intelligent storage solutions.

quality accessories

To ensure maximum functionality, we use high-quality accessories and components with an eye on functionality and ergonomics.

LANDO projects
produzione LANDO


Industrial appearance, artisanal soul.

choice of material

Based on the design, the most suitable materials are chosen. This selection can include precious wood, metal, glass or other options depending on the design.


The materials are carefully cut to create the necessary parts of the product. This step requires precision to ensure a perfect fit.

craftmanship LANDO
tavolo assemblato a mano


If necessary, the components are carefully painted to achieve the desired colour and finish. LANDO's state-of-the-art painting system guarantees excellent results in terms of both colour uniformity and coating resistance on surfaces.


Highly skilled craftsmen assemble the components according to the original design. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure that the product is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Each product undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure that it meets the highest standards. Any imperfections are corrected.


After the quality control stage, the product is carefully packed for protection during transport.

production process LANDO
Servizi al cliente
montaggio Lando


A relationship that is strengthened over time.


This service is essential to ensure that the product created by the expert craftsmen is flawlessly translated into reality, guaranteeing comfort, functionality and aesthetics. We offer a professional installation service to ensure that the custom-made product blends perfectly into the intended spaces.  Highly skilled and detail-oriented experts ensure that each element is placed correctly, following the design project.


We provide a comprehensive warranty on our products. LANDO protects the customer and provides a 26-month warranty on conformity defects in accordance with the law. For further details, please refer to the sales conditions.

after-sales support

Our commitment to customers does not stop with product delivery. We offer continuous after-sales support in order to remain at the customer's side for any needs and to ensure their long-term satisfaction.

shipping LANDO
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