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Boldness and lightness, strength and charm for a mix between harmony and balance.

the collection

The table, which has always been a symbol of sharing and conviviality, becomes the protagonist of the space thanks to a modern and refined design. LANDO creates tables with bold but light lines, in harmony and balance with the surrounding environment. Extendible tables play with the joints, clean and elegant lines draw round and rectangular tables, oval tables are created by unusual shapes, while everything is embellished by marble, wooden, glass or zinc tops. The strength and the charm of solid wood highlight the sculptural nature of the shapes and emphasize craftsmanship.

elegant conviviality

The LANDO tables enhance the pleasure of sharing and sharing, entering the space of furniture with style and harmony. LANDO selects solid wood for its tables, which has always been a guarantee of durability and lasting charm.

production R&D LANDO

It is the purity of form that inspires LANDO's designs, which have been producing furniture of excellent quality since 1976. LANDO's technical department is responsible for the conception, design and production of some of the company's design products.


Making a concept of a piece of furniture is telling, in details, the encounter between matter and shape, without ever forgetting the origin of that matter and the destination of the shape. LANDO only uses prime quality raw materials, selected by respecting the environment.
The experience of LANDO's highly qualified craftsmen, together with their creative craft, make the products unique. Shapes and materials are manufactured with an impeccable craftsmanship.

territoriality, materiality and manual skills:
three precious concepts that represent the value of each LANDO furniture.

LANDO is a company that has been choosing quality in all its expressions for more than 40 years:

in the refined design, in the selection of precious materials, in the refined processing techniques.

A global choice in which the company recognizes itself and which it likes to define as "quality of thought".

Small table-LANDO


A state-of-the-art production plant, an organized technical office and experience in the processing of different materials, make LANDO the ideal partner for the realization of your projects.

Made in italy_LANDO.jpg


The sophisticated and at the same time genuine aura emanating from LANDO products comes from the skilled hands of its craftsmen: a 100% Made in Italy production. The company production center is the heart of the company.

sustainable quality_LANDO


A quality piece of furniture is also a piece of furniture that helps the environment. The wood used in each LANDO product comes exclusively from controlled forests, managed in compliance with ecological processes. 

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