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An immediate sense of well-being and subtle wonder - these are the emotions that await us every time we cross the threshold of a LANDO customer's home. 

Pure materials and natural finishes awaken the senses, and help us reconnect with ourselves. Fixing our gaze on a joint, or our hand on a saw-cut solid wood armrest, are almost unconscious gestures that bring to mind the craftsman who made the object, and at the same time lead us to rediscover our own sensitivity, in a continuous exchange of sensations and emotions. Sophisticated proportions, balanced but always lively colours and pure lines punctuated by dreamy objects and shapes take the mind on a journey to exotic places and unspecified times.

Welcome home.

Produzione LANDO
Venezia e la produzione del territorio


Conceiving a piece of furniture is telling about the encounter between material and shape, never forgetting where that material comes from and to whom that shape is dedicated. LANDO is in Rossano Veneto and you can feel the soul of the Veneto, in every piece of furniture made. 

production phase LANDO


It is the hand of man to be recognized, even when the furniture is finished: through the meticulous selection and precise jointing of the wooden planks, chosen and combined one by one. Counts "the art of making by hand", because this is the true definition of craftsmanship.

walnut wood


LANDO chooses only excellent quality raw materials, carefully selected with respect for the environment: such as wood, which must belong to tradition and of exclusive controlled origin; which must be worked in thickness.

produzione mobili Lando


The corporate production center, made up of an organized carpentry shop, a modern painting plant and a shipping department, is the heart of the company. Here a highly qualified team works every day to give shape to this way of life that we call "quality of thought". In every piece of furniture, this definition of living is recognized at first sight, which marks the achievement of a very high quality standard, but also of an exclusive furnishing style.


All the materials we use, from wood to stone, from glues to paints, from glass to metal, are carefully selected and tested at the origin, to guarantee the customer a product of the highest quality, which lasts over time and respects the environment.

material samples
fase produzione LANDO


Each of our finishes was born to enhance
the raw material. The sandblasting, done by hand, allows to enhance the grain of the wood, the painting, carried out inside the modern plant, allows to enhance and protect the product. Among our exclusive finishes there are water, oil and wax cycles and elegant lacquering.