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  1. These General Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the contractual relations between the customer of the site and CasaLando Srl, owner of the aforementioned site, with headquarters in Via Capitelvecchio 122, Bassano del Grappa (VI) and owner of the business of sale, with VAT no. 03863510248.

  2. The general conditions of sale, described here and accepted by the customer without reserve during the online purchase procedure, must be examined by visitors to the website before placing an order. All purchase contracts defined through the website are considered valid and governed by these General Conditions, when the Customer invited to read them ends the purchase procedure by accepting them without reservation.

  3. The General Conditions of Sale are visible on this page and at the link of Step 2 of the online purchase procedure, which can only be completed by accepting them by the Customer. The forwarding of the order confirmation implies full knowledge of the general conditions of sale and their total acceptance.

  4. To conclude the purchase contract on it is necessary to fill in the electronic order form according to the procedure provided by the site itself.

  5. The contract is concluded when CasaLando Srl receives the correctly completed order form and the relative down payment. With an order placed by telephone by an operator in the name and on behalf of the customer, the contract is considered concluded upon receipt of the relative payment; the customer is required to carefully check all information contained in the order confirmation. Once the order has been validated and confirmed, an email will be sent to the email address supplied by the customer with the confirmation of the order placed. The e-mail contains the customer data and the order number, the price of the goods purchased, the shipping costs, the delivery address to which the goods will be sent and the link to be able to print and archive the copy of the present conditions. The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of the personal data contained in the above email and to promptly notify CasaLando srl of any corrections / changes to be made.

  6. Customer and seller undertake and undertake to comply with all the contractual rules and conditions described here.



  1. All prices on are to be understood as retail prices, inclusive of VAT and transport (excluding smaller islands, disadvantaged locations, historic centers, ZTL).

  2. If the delivery of the goods were to be made on a smaller island, a remote location, in the historic center and / or in areas with limited traffic, it is the customer's obligation to report this condition to the seller. CasaLando srl at the time or after the order, if such notification has not been made, reserves the right to change the final price or the marking of the items in delivery.

  3. In the event that the Customer can take advantage of the reduced VAT regimes and only for certain types of goods, the same is requested to contact us by email at for a tailor-made offer.



CasaLando srl, as an e-commerce and online sales activity, draws up the register of fees (DL 696 21-12-1996 and Article 22 of Presidential Decree No. 633 1972). The invoice must be requested when ordering with the registration of the data necessary for the issue: tax code for individuals, VAT number for freelancers, companies and companies. After the shipment of the goods it will no longer be possible to issue them.

The billing data entered during the order can only be changed until the invoice is issued.



The payment of the purchased products can be made with PayPal, credit card issued by institutions participating in the Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard circuits or by bank transfer.

The fulfillment of the order begins immediately after the payment or the down payment. For orders with a total over € 800 and payment by bank transfer, the customer can pay 50% down payment for the production of the supply and 50% balance before shipment.

Total or partial refunds will be made with the same type of payment chosen at the time of the order (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer).



  1. For all products you will find the delivery times clearly indicated on the page of each product with a specified timing in days. Once the order has been prepared and the shipment has been made, the transit time from our warehouses to the indicated address is approximately 5 days. For orders sent by specialized couriers, the delivery time will be between 7 and 10 days. All times listed refer to working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays or holidays in the country where the order was issued or in the delivery area. In the event that the cart contains more than one item with different delivery times, the entire purchase will be sent on the date corresponding to the item with the longest term.

  2. Production times contribute and are implicitly declared in the product sheets under the heading "delivery times". The obligation to deliver the product by CasaLando srl is considered to be regularly fulfilled when the ordered goods are delivered to the shipper. Any delays and / or errors in the delivery of the products will be followed and managed by us as far as we are concerned, but must be attributed solely to the company that deals with the shipment. In such cases, the customer will not be able to make any claim for compensation against CasaLando Srl. In case of deliveries to islands, bad weather, the delivery may be delayed for a few days longer than that established on the delivery date of the product. However, the customer will be promptly informed about this.

  3. Deliveries close to holiday periods may be subject to delays due to contingencies and the closing days of the period.

  4. For more information, contact us by e-mail at





  1. All complete furniture and most of the bulky items on the site are shipped with technical couriers specialized in the transport of furniture, thus guaranteeing deliveries always on telephone notice and the integrity and greater care of the goods during travel. Furnishing accessories and small objects, in general, are shipped by express courier.

  2. You can change your shipping address before your order is shipped.

  3. All goods are properly packaged and always travel insured. On the part of the Customer, the only obligation remains to check the packages and goods upon delivery and to report any damage or anomaly found on the transport document. Acceptance of the goods without control reserves, generic non-detailed reservations and reports of damages and defects beyond the indicated terms, cannot be taken into consideration and guarantee the refund or replacement of the items. CasaLando Srl guarantees in any case the reintegration and replacement of non-compliant and / or damaged goods (without prejudice to compliance with the unloading procedure and reporting to CasaLando Srl).

  4. The delivery of the goods always takes place on the street level, moving to the floor and assembly are always the responsibility of the customer unless explicitly requested when ordering. In this case, a specific offer will be prepared for the order.

  5. In the event of production delays or damage to the goods or delays by the courier, we are not responsible for prior agreements made by the end customer with external assemblers skipped for this reason or for the re-assembly of goods that may be damaged / lost and subsequently reinstated by us. We only provide a supply, transport and delivery service to the end customer and we are solely responsible for damage to the goods and manufacturing defects, without prejudice to the correct reporting of such anomalies in the forms and times indicated.

  6. Complete furniture and higher transport volumes are generally subject to a higher probability of transport damage, in order to take advantage of the refund guarantee and / or replacement of purchased items, it is recommended to follow the procedures for delivery, control and unloading of goods. that follow:


  • check the number and / or identification codes of the packages, indicated on the transport document

  • check the external condition and integrity of the packaging

  • respecting the time and the work of the forwarder, provided in advance of an object not too sharp for the opening of the most fragile packages corresponding to the furniture already assembled, to those containing ceramics, marbles or crystals and all those with anomalies in the 'external appearance, taking great care not to damage the goods inside, check the general condition of the items.

  • report any anomaly found in the packages, packaging and / or items, in detail on the transport document, failure to report and generic control reserve reports cannot be taken into consideration for the replacement or refund of the elements.

  • without prejudice to compliance with the unloading procedure and reporting anomalies on the transport document, report the problems that have occurred via email, always giving photographic feedback within 48 hours of delivery. CasaLando Srl will arrange the refund or replacement of goods, where due. Telephone reports alone cannot be taken into consideration because real, detailed and photographic feedback is required of delivery anomalies and damage to goods.


The delivery of complete furnishings involves a considerable number of packages, in some cases even a few dozen. CasaLando Srl guarantees maximum collaboration with the customer for the correct delivery of the goods supplied and the integration of missing, damaged or non-compliant items. Refusals of goods will be authorized only in the event that most of these, estimated in 20-30% of the goods delivered, present evident and widespread damage or anomalies. In the event that the problems are limited, occur only on a single package or a small number, estimated at 10-15% of the quantity delivered, it is recommended to accept the goods by reporting all the inconsistencies and failures on the transport document and sending us photos of any damage, what is not compliant or damaged will be reinstated as soon as possible.

  1. When the delivery date is defined with the carrier, the customer undertakes to receive the items and to reserve spaces and environments suitable and useful for the unloading and storage of the goods, returns of goods, refunds or waivers of the goods cannot be accepted. purchase resulting from the lack of the conditions listed above.

  2. Return of unauthorized goods will result in a charge for the costs of returning, stocking and returning the products.



  1. The Warranty remains valid from the date of preparation of the transport documentation or of the sales invoice when requested.

  2. Casalando Srl ensures the duration of the guarantee of 24 months on conformity defects for all customers.

  3. The Customer has the right to restore the conformity of the product without charge by repairing or replacing the product.

  4. The guarantee is valid only for defects of conformity and production, damages or defects due to improper use, use or treatment of the product or for purposes other than normal use of furniture are excluded from the guarantee.

  5. In the event of the replacement of items that show lack of conformity, CasaLando srl undertakes to operate with the utmost promptness for the production of the new elements, while the buyer is responsible for the return of the goods, which will in any case be at our expense. , in the conditions in which it was delivered, properly packaged to avoid further damage and problems.




  1. Legislative Decree No. 21 of 2014, in force since March 26, 2014, and issued in implementation of Directive 2011/83 / EU on Consumer Rights, establishes that the customer has the right to withdraw from any distance contract, without any penalty. and without specifying the reason, within 14 working days from the day of delivery to the consumer.

  2. The right of withdrawal is NOT exercisable in the event of the purchase of specially created or customized products for the Customer, or for contracts for the supply of goods ordered on order or on any non-prefabricated goods produced on the basis of an individual choice of the consumer. The current wording of the law currently in force in Italy states that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for "goods made to measure or clearly personalized", in this category fall in particular the furniture solutions made to measure, customized, made and produced on customer's specific need and request.

  3. The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the deadline, a written communication by email to or by registered mail with return receipt to: CasaLando srl, via Capitelvecchio 122, 36061 Bassano del Grappa ( YOU). After receiving this communication, CasaLando Srl will contact the customer indicating the return procedures.

  4. The consumer is required to return the goods to CasaLando srl at his own expense within 14 working days from exercising the right of withdrawal, as provided for by the Decree currently in force.

  5. No refund will be made if the goods relating to the withdrawal do not arrive at their destination at CasaLando Srl, or if the goods are not intact, or intact or still if they are tried, used and / or altered in any way. The package must contain all the accessories supplied and the original product documentation.

  6. At the request of the consumer, CasaLando srl can personally collect the goods to be withdrawn. The cost of the withdrawal will be reversed on the total refund.

  7. Once the integrity and conformity of the returned goods have been verified, CasaLando Srl will refund the amount paid, including shipping costs, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, according to the methods that will be agreed directly with the consumer.




  1. Without observing the procedure for unloading / checking goods and reporting, cited above (referred to in Article 6.e of these conditions of sale) and the control operations summarized on the transport notes, CasaLando Srl will only be able to evaluate refunds or replacement of goods for manufacturing defects, but not for transport damage.

  2. Return of defective goods: upon arrival of the reintegration items in the warehouse we will send notification by e-mail, where it will be possible to ship by express courier. The customer must carefully pack the defective goods that will be collected by our courier and after the return and check of the items, we will send the items in replacement or where it will be necessary to use a technical courier of furniture only, the collection will take place at the same time as the delivery of the replenishment goods , only and exclusively and unless the goods to be returned are ready for collection and repacked as originally with the appropriate protections or similar: we do not accept packaging that is approximate, deficient or significantly different from the originals. On packages received not adequately packaged, we will not be able to guarantee refunds or replacements of the goods.


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