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tessuti Lando


Faithful to craftsmanship, LANDO chooses to collaborate with brands and designers capable of creating fine fabrics and yarns that preserve ancient weaving techniques. From the classic taste of linen to modern weaves that reinforce the character of chairs and sofas, the textures confirm the elegance of the LANDO style.



Brera Lino

 CATEGORY B   by Designers Guild

The charm of soft linen, with a natural character, washed in a solid color for a sensual and material experience.

A palette of colors suitable for a modern style.

Gros Lin

 CATEGORY C   by Rubelli

Informal elegance has always characterized the Rubelli Kieffer collection of which Gross Lin is part. With a soft hand, these qualities of linen are very comfortable when used for upholstery.

A wide and modern palette of bright colors together with the quality give these linens a special appeal.



A product of the highest quality: robust and compact, it has an unexpected hand, snappy and raw on the reverse, soft and caressing on the straight.


 CATEGORY B   by Glamour

Planet is a 100% linen, purely natural fiber that combines strength with softness, does not cause allergies and absorbs humidity. With a very natural look, Planet is a fabric that is characterized by sheen and depth.