by Enzo Berti

Dare to differ.

Thema is a modular wall system with a minimal style: its elegant and absolute lines define an orderly structure of upright wall posts, characterized by a clear geometric vocation and constructed entirely of solid wood.

Thema can be interpreted at will by inserting numerous elements, such as shelves, wall units and work tops, including a peninsular element complete with hob and sinks. 

In between past and future.

While composing Thema, you can choose different combinations of noble materials, resulting in heterogeneous combinations. Solutions can either conceive a system entirely made in solid walnut or larch, or complete the wooden frame with marble or steel elements such as back panels and worktops.


The Convivio collection is a clear expression of free-standing design, allowing to organise and reorganise space with maximum flexibility, thanks to the modular elements that compose it and allow to stretch out the world of the kitchen into the living area, creating unique and customised environments.

Form. And function.

The wooden elements showing the same quality of finish on their back side as they do on their front, inside like outside, we could not reserve a lesser treatment to the most technical elements. Our research has led us to find and offer you the highest quality mechanisms, both aesthetically and craft-wise, such as the tilting hinges by the Italian Effegi Brevetti, or the brushed covered hinges from the workshops of Salice.

Enjoy the Italian peninsula. At home.

The peninsula kitchen element of the Thema composition is characterized by a modular structure in solid wood that can take different configurations, playing with the elements that compose it: pull-out drawers, containers, trays, hobs and sinks.

Made in Lando details.

The made in Lando handicraft offers valuable finishes, producing entirely of solid wood each component or element of the collection, even in the inner sections, to ensure maximum strenght.

Our know-how makes use of traditional techniques of high-level manufacturing to better define the details of each object, such as the dovetail joints that characterize the finish of the solid maple wood drawers.


Everlasting accessories.

Made in thick, solid maple wood, even the accessories offered by the collection add up value to the kitchen. Because we believe the quality of an object always stands by the quality of the materials it's made of.


The Thema kitchen system also comes with a specific 6 mm thick steel top that's worked in such a way as to cancel any form of leak or visible welding, for a final result that's unique in its kind.

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