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COMO Castello Del Nero

LANDO's timeless elegance for a historic residence.

The colours of Chianti, the dreamy atmospheres of a historic residence echo in the furnishing elements created by LANDO.
For the COMO Castello del Nero resort, Paola Navone and Studio Otto have designed furniture with essential lines, in keeping with Tuscan tradition, enhanced by modern, material finishes, in which neutral tones emphasise the colours of the landscape.
The white ceramics of the FUTURA collection, blending perfectly with the antique elegance, decorate the suites.

The location

The contemporary elegance of Paola Navone's design and LANDO realisations meet here in the Chianti hills. COMO Castello Del Nero is a resort set in a majestic 12th-century residence, overlooking the Tuscan hills.

LANDO value

Thanks to its craftsmanship, LANDO is able to realise tailor-made designs to suit specific requirements. For the restaurant, LANDO designs equipped service stations and tables with an innovative quick-release and quick-connect system for easy movement and enjoyment of the free room.
Even the chairs are made to measure, with a deeper seat and fireproof certification as required by hospitality regulations.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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