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Canaves Oia Hotel

White and blue, like stone and the Aegean

The architectural firm of Panos Petridis joins forces with LANDO in creating a Navonian design.
LANDO furnishes the suites with elements of European-Caribbean lines.
White lacquers, textural solutions and clean, pure forms are interwoven with the whiteness of the island and the chalk walls. The cobalt blue interior furnishings reflect the blue of the surrounding sea.
For the reception and restaurant area, LANDO realises customised solutions, which can be adapted to practical requirements without ever losing attention to detail.

The location

Amidst the white stone of Santorini, Canaves Oia Hotel stands out elegantly against the Aegean Sea. Luxurious suites, elegantly decorated in dazzling, minimalist white.
The hotel was voted Best Resort in Europe in 2015 by the prestigious Condé Nast magazine, and is again nominated for the 2023 Awards.

LANDO value

Attentive to the needs of the hotel industry, LANDO has developed tailor-made solutions. The bar cabinet made for the luxury hotel is an example of this. Made with a stitched door and frame with space for sockets, the cabinet features a cobalt blue interior that matches the colours of the island.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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