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Blanc Iris

LANDO design elements like gems of Japanese jewellery.

The Japanese brand Blanc Iris chooses LANDO design elements for its jewellery displays. The client has found his style, which enhances an essential material, devoid of ornamentation, in the sober LANDO materials combined with warmer furniture. Paola Navone's collections furnish the space. The cold zinc of the CANOVA table, the CHELLE chairs and the porcelain of the MEDUSA chandelier contrast with the warmer GAUCHA chairs. For the display of jewellery, LANDO makes custom-made showcases revisiting the LAGUNA console and small table elements: the showcases are made of extra-clear glass, joined through 45-degree joints to a Carrara marble base, both set inside a mirror-polished stainless steel base. Also made of precious Carrara marble are the small pedestals for the jewellery.

The location

With a wealth of experience in the field of jewellery cultivated over many years, Hiromi Araki and French designer Sophie Cluzelle set up their own business. In Kobe, Tokyo and Kyoto, they set up shops where jewellery design meets precious LANDO creations.

LANDO value

The use of pure materials and the creation of custom elements, which find individual solutions to meet the customer's needs, are the hallmarks of LANDO's work. Always attentive to detail, LANDO arranges each element to follow the customer's concept. Behind sober lines lies the refinement of a design that emphasises traditional craftsmanship and the elegance of made in Italy.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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