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why contract LANDO

Quality, knowledge, passion, perfectionism and tradition are elements that identify each of our products, guaranteeing an always unique result.

What makes LANDO the ideal partner for new projects is the ability to adapt production (dimensions, finishes, materials, design) to the most specific needs, and to propose exclusive tailor-made solutions for every style and atmosphere.

For over 40 years we have been collaborating with the most renowned architects and designers for the realization of private and contract projects at an international level, in the residential, retail and luxury hospitality sectors.

evaluation and consultancy

Every great project is born from barely sketched ideas.
The evaluation phase of a furniture project between company and customer is a crucial moment to ensure a clear understanding of the customer's needs and wishes, and to establish the basis for an effective collaboration.
LANDO carefully gathers detailed information about the customer's aesthetic preferences, functional requirements and budget, listening to their expectations and visions. With the support of photographic documentation or visual inspirations, the LANDO team best understands the customer's personal tastes.


LANDO supports the project on behalf of the customer and develops it after a preliminary proposal and financial estimate.

Once the preliminary proposal has been submitted to the customer, we move on to the project phase. During this phase, the customer has the opportunity to give feedback on the initial proposal and request any changes or adjustments. LANDO welcomes the customer's requests and works in close cooperation with the customer to best meet each specific requirement.

scelta materiali

study of details

LANDO carefully selects and rigorously tests the high-quality materials used in the project.
This initial selection and testing process makes it possible to offer customers products of excellent quality, characterised by a long service life, and produced in an environmentally friendly manner.
LANDO uses only environmentally friendly paints and glues, promotes recycling and the responsible use of materials, and thus contributes to preserving natural resources for the future.

project development

With LANDO, customers can enjoy the uniqueness of an old-fashioned relationship, face-to-face with the people who handcraft the products without forgoing the professionalism guaranteed by years of experience in the industry.


LANDO also takes care of the customer's peace of mind when delivering the products.
By providing a transport and installation service for the goods, it ensures that each item purchased is perfectly integrated into the furnishing space.

marchio Lando made in Italy

warranty and after-sales

The dedication and attention to the customer continues even after the sale. LANDO takes care to maintain a continuous relationship with the customer over time, ready to offer after-sales support.


selected projects

Luxury hotel and times of fashion, LANDO adds notes of style to any environment.

architects and designers

The ability to create customized projects is combined with the creativity and the most exclusive projects of internationally renowned designers and architects.

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