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Joyce Boutique

The temple of fashion furnished by LANDO

With the intention of taking customers on a journey, Navone's vision for the shop is to ensure continuous points of interest and a flow from one area to the next. LANDO catalogue furniture elements are combined with customised solutions such as the 4.40-metre HAUTE COUTURE table. The strong elements made by LANDO match the philosophy of the luxury temple and play with contrasts: it combines rough and luxurious finishes, rough and smooth textures, vintage and more contemporary pieces.

The location

JOYCE Central has been the fashion epicentre of
of Hong Kong fashion since the early 1970s. A fashion vanguard in Asia, JOYCE has always prided itself on curating and presenting fashion as an art form.

LANDO value

Italian-made craftsmanship and artisanship reach Hong Kong thanks to LANDO. The custom-made products fit perfectly into a space that blends design and craftsmanship. The HAUTE COUTURE table, realised in its particular length, becomes the protagonist of the room, fitting into an urban style that does not lose its luxurious tone.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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