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Grand Bellevue Hotel

An eclectic project in the Swiss mountains

A character project by Davia Koetser, that matches the style of the Grand Bellevue. Custom-made products were made for the rooms, such as the Florian free-standing corner tables or the minibars with their elegant leather handles. Custom-made furniture was also realised for the shop, where every detail is carefully thought out. In the SPA, soft-close closures respect the silence of the relaxation air.
The LANDO tables are then nestled between dark flowers and sumptuous fabrics in the cocktail lounge and legendary Club Bouquet in vintage glamour.

The location

In Gstaad, Switzerland, stands the luxury hotel Grand Bellevoue. Elegant, secluded retreats, cosy chalet-style suites with rustic wooden beams, sumptuous multi-level spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows, from which to admire Gstaad and the bewildering beauty of the Alpine region to the majesty of the mountains.

LANDO value

LANDO furniture fits into luxury suites where the light from the large windows accentuates the beauty of the finishes and details.
Tailor-made solutions allow each room to be customised according to specific aesthetic and formal requirements.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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