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Dalit Lilienthal - Tel Aviv

A kitchen as fluid as the space it is designed for.

For the Dalit Lilienthal Interior Design Studio in Tel Aviv, LANDO realises the Forgia kitchen with MYA gas top, together with the Inno table and detail elements.
The custom-made island becomes a sculptural element thanks to its self-supporting stainless steel base.
The minimalism and strength of the kitchen's lines blend perfectly with the design, conceived to combine comfort and aesthetics.
Fluidity, the pivotal element of the project, is echoed in the Forgia kitchen top, which is highly flexible thanks to a system of modular and sliding accessories. Essential furniture in white Fenix is accompanied by precious handles that recall the shapes of the knobs and grills of the MYA hob, emphasising the attention to detail.

The location

The 100 m² flat in Tel Aviv is owned by interior architect Dalit Lilienthal. The main idea was to make the space of the flat flexible and susceptible to easy changes. On the one hand, an open plan was designed that transformed the flat into a flow, allowing natural light and air to pass freely and bringing the outdoor space inside, opening up to the view of the surrounding vegetation. At the same time, the space can easily accommodate more private corners without losing its sense of comfort. The design project uses a monochromatic palette that is complemented by natural materials such as different types of wood and a combination of metals - stainless steel and iron.

LANDO value

LANDO realises customised projects that meet every aesthetic and stylistic requirement. The modularity of the Forgia kitchen fits in perfectly here with the design concept, which aims to create a fluid and changeable space. Modern, clean lines enhance the elegance of the materials and craftsmanship.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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