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Private Residence - Israel

The luxury of a residence that is a triumph of fine materials.

Brass, leather and marble are the great protagonists of this project. For this luxurious private residence, LANDO skilfully produced the kitchen island and storage units. Aesthetics and quality are reflected in the careful attention to detail.
The rounded doors with a slim profile (just 12 millimetres) are upholstered in leather with a modern shiny black galuchat effect. The upholstery, a work of high tailoring, boasts precise stitching. The material also curves into a rounded seam in the kitchen side, giving softness and continuity to the doors. To ensure easy vertical door opening, LANDO's technical department has developed a system using gas springs calibrated to the weight of the door.
The drawers deserve a special mention: made from a single piece of mirror-polished steel, with no assembled parts, they boast a refined cowhide print covering, offering an elegant and functional storage solution. The solid brass, hand-welded, leather-covered refrigerator handles are an additional touch of class. The showcase wall units, created from extremely thick solid brass rods, are the result of a high-precision craftsmanship process. The back of the wall units can be upholstered in leather or champagne mirror. Custom-made hinges with steel pivots give the wall units the necessary strength for their weight.
High-quality LED interior lighting has been designed to enhance the contents of the cabinets.

The location

Oded Alaf is responsible for the design of this luxurious residence of sculptural beauty in Israel. The majesty of the spaces is accompanied by luxurious LANDO realisations.

LANDO value

LANDO is able to take care of the most ambitious projects in every detail. A highly specialised technical department devises ingenious solutions to address technical and structural requirements. LANDO accommodates the most challenging projects to create realisations that dominate the furnishing space. Here, every fastener, including turned brass elements, laser cuts and CNC technology components, is carefully crafted to ensure perfection in every detail.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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