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Restaurant Plenum-Stuttgart

Design combined with culinary style.

Upon entering the restaurant, one is greeted by an elegant design that introduces one to a modern, warm atmosphere.
Seated around LANDO tables, guests immediately feel at home. The large windows emphasise the materiality of the solid wood, carefully selected to ensure quality and durability. The colours of the chosen finishes blend with the palette of the dishes to provide an immersive experience that appeals to all the senses.

The location

The Plenum restaurant in Stuttgart, run by Janine Mack and Alexander Strich, is a place where design exudes elegance and charm. Large windows create a bright atmosphere that brings out the quality wood finish of the LANDO tables.

LANDO value

LANDO custom-made tables not only add elegance to the rooms but also guarantee durability. The finishes follow the design palette in which cooler tones are linked to a particular creative style and are emphasised by the brightness of the large spaces.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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