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Private flat - Manila

The meeting of the sculptural beauty of marble and the solidity of fine wood.

Dolmen's black Marquinia marble in a super-size version dominates the kitchen space in the Manila flat. The columns, designed to accommodate the prestigious American Wolf Sub-Zero appliances, are an example of functional design that blends with the overall aesthetics. For the dining room, LANDO made the Novella cabinet and designed a customised ARIA table with a custom-made two-metre base and a Lazy Susan swivel tray. The careful choice of wood, selected to guarantee resistance to climatic changes, makes this furniture able to cope with Manila's humid and dry climate without compromising its beauty and durability. Selected solid wood is also used for the ORA BLU table for the lanai area.
Particular is the design of the Thema bookcase, which seamlessly transforms from a TV wall into a bar area with a marble snack top and space for stools.

The location

The luxurious Manila flat makes wood and marble triumph. Large windows accentuate the beauty of the materials. The furniture elements fit into the space like works of art.

LANDO value

A design that emphasises the craftsmanship tradition and elegance of made in Italy. LANDO is distinguished by its knowledge of materials and their skilful processing. To ensure resistance to the changing climatic conditions of the Manila flat, LANDO carefully chooses wood and produces furniture elements that can cope with the wet and dry climate.

The ancient art of shadows and contemporary design for vases with soft and fascinating shapes

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