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The harmonious dialogue between power and elegance: the strength of the volumes is combined with the dreamlike white of the ceramic biscuit. 

the collection 

With a skillful technique, everyday objects are transformed by Paola Navone's vision into modern design objects and "coated" with new material: this is how PARTERRE is born, a collection of ceramic biscuit watering cans from Bassano. The collection is composed of eight elements, renewing the reference to a number full of meanings that recalls the designer's Studio Otto. In a game with memory, the PARTERRE collection brings archetypes back into new situations, elegantly creating small corners of bucolic and rural reality in the furnishing space.

Annaffiatoi GB910.tif

unrepeatable elegance

The objects of this collection become the protagonists for an environment with a decisive style in which power and elegance are linked in harmony: the materiality of the brushing does not hide the dialogue with a European historical memory that makes these design objects immediately familiar.

Loads of decorative strength, the individual pieces of the collection vary shapes and volumes so that they can be placed in compositions and stand out in the environment. The watering cans are suitable for flower holders for a slight Shabby style, or for being placed among other furnishing elements for a slight radical chic decoration. 


Frank, dreamer, eclectic: in her soul, the flavors and colors of the East coexist, a place that she knows well, loved and visited frequently, combined with the taste and forms of the West rich in traditions, open and in continuous evolution. Paola Navone, originally from Turin and Milanese by adoption, is, first of all, a citizen of the world.

the dreamy materiality

The pottery reveals a story coming from the ancient artisan shops. The internal white enamel overflows on the edge of the objects in this collection, creating a play of reflections and contrasts that gives further charm to each design element.

Serie di annaffiatoi di ceramica GB910.jpg

territoriality, materiality and manual skills:

three precious concepts that represent the value of each LANDO furniture.

LANDO is a company that has been choosing quality in all its expressions for more than 40 years:

in the refined design, in the selection of precious materials, in the refined processing techniques.

A global choice in which the company recognizes itself and which likes to define quality of thought.




A state-of-the-art production plant, an organized technical office and experience in the processing of different materials, make LANDO the ideal partner for the realization of your projects.

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The sophisticated and at the same time genuine aura emanating from LANDO products comes from the skilled hands of its craftsmen: a 100% Made in Italy production. The company production center is the heart of the company.

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A quality piece of furniture is also a piece of furniture that helps the environment. The wood used in each LANDO product comes exclusively from controlled forests, managed in compliance with ecological processes. 

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