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Other materials



 Marble, glass and ceramics let themselves be molded by artisan hands and are reborn in a new, fascinating creation.


The stone that reflects the light and thanks to the different colors gives elegance and charm to any furniture. Bianco di Carrara and Calacatta Borghini Oro are extracted from the thriving lands of Tuscany, while black marble comes from the Spanish quarries of Marquina. The processed blocks are chosen individually to ensure the highest quality of the product. 


Glass is synonymous with total recyclability and maximum environmental sustainability. From the famous workmanship of the island of the Venice lagoon comes Murano blown glass, molded to create unique works.
The extra-clear glass, on the other hand, has a high transparency thanks to a special process that deprives it of the oxide component. The silver-plated glass (or mirror) takes its name from a layer of metallic silver salts that is deposited by precipitation on a surface of the plate.


Ceramic comes from a very ancient process and brings with it a wealth of history and traditions of distant geographic areas. A material full of purity, the ceramic biscuit offers a unique experience of materiality. The ceramic in its pure white form is charged with a play of reflections and contrasts thanks to the glossy enameled parts. When white is combined with the preciousness of shiny gold or the elegance of opaque platinum, the real wonder is born.,