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Designing a piece of furniture is about telling the connection between matter and form.

The purity of the forms characterizes the designs LANDO that since 1976 produces furniture of excellent quality. The technical department of LANDO is responsible for designing, designing and creating some of the design products proposed by the company.

Each dedicated team takes care of each of the steps that lead to the creation of a high quality artisanal product. The passion for wood, linked to the artisan tradition, allows the creation of furniture elements with a linear design, capable of enhancing the beauty and peculiarities of the material. Each finish enhances the raw material, selected with particular attention to sustainability. 

The production processes give life to furniture with a refined taste, made with dedication and attention to detail. 


Il design inconfondibile

When the forms instill harmony and are capable of giving a sense of well-being, then the sense of home is defined. A sensation realized with LANDO furniture.

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