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Nicola Gisonda

Interest in the properties and potential of materials goes hand in hand with the capacity to design the project.

Clear and rigorous lines are his distinctive feature, the common thread that makes all his projects recognizable.

Structure and matter are the protagonists and the interest for the properties and potential of the individual materials is accompanied by the ability to engineer the project and conceive the idea having in mind every phase of its realization, in a perfect synthesis of form and function.

The interweaving of these themes flows into his works of architecture and design, never disconnected from the context and the sensations that surround him.

Born and raised in Milan, he graduated in architecture at the Politecnico.

His work ranges from architectural projects to industrial design, from concepts for public spaces to interior furnishings.

After several years of planning in the field of residential construction, in the last fifteen years he dedicated himself in particular to the redevelopment of abandoned industrial areas, seizing the needs of a city, that of Milan, which was beginning its transformation. Among his most famous works in this field are the Officine del Volo.

For Lando Gisonda, he designed and coordinated the development of the Craquelé table, the Corsia chair and the The knife thrower mirror.


Das unverwechselbare Design

The superfluous decoration is replaced by carefully studied details, which enhance and highlight structural and material aspects. His works thus acquire a remarkable expressive force that supports pure forms, never banal.

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