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Fabrizio Gallinaro

His field of activity is not limited to industrial design, but also to architecture

Born in 1966, graduated in architecture in Venice.

After an initial collaboration with the designer Werther Toffoloni starts, in his own studio in Udine, the activity of industrial designer and architect.

Over the years he has developed the design of new products for Billiani, Cabas, Gurisan, Natison, Prototipo, Rover, Varaschin, Ton and Tonon.

The work of these years has been recognized by international awards and awards: selected project "Tribute to Gio Ponti" Morelato 1996, selection "Design is Progress" Udine 1997, winning project in the competition "Ideas for the design of a European chair" Udine 2000, special mention at the competition "project CRE.O.LA." Alessi 2000, special mention at the Rima Prize "Young & Design" Milan 2001 and 2002, award "Top Ten" Udine 2004.

Its field of activity is not limited to industrial design, but also extends to architecture and interior design by developing projects in the residential, commercial and interior design sector as well as in Italy also internationally with projects in Russia, Algeria, Spain and France.


Das unverwechselbare Design

A design that draws from the synthesis its strength and its value. Redesigning what is one of the most common types of chair in the history of design, Gallinaro creates a piece of furniture that is faithful to the "less is more" paradigm.

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