by Enzo Berti

The warmth of memories from the past emerges from the simple and minimalistic shapes of Accento: the traditional base, with slanted legs, is turned into a modern structure with easel legs, which recalls the architect’s drafting table.

Entirely made of solid wood, Accento brings conviviality in the heart of your home, inviting everyone to sit down around a table that stands up for its thicknesses and proportions. The four-centimetres thickness of the wooden top, and the three-centimetres of the marble version, gracefully rise from the structure, highlighting the formal clarity that inspired the ideation and realization of Accento.

The architectural construction of Accento is elegant and classy: the simplicity of the lines is emphasised by the gap that separates the table top from the legs. The experience that LANDO has developed in working solid wood allows us to create details that emphasise the thickness and natural look of this material. Our craftsmen line up the wood planks one by one to create always new patterns and shades: a guarantee on the uniqueness and authenticity of LANDO products.



Wooden top
ACCENTO/1: cm 200 x 90 x 73 h
ACCENTO/2: cm 220 x 90 x 73 h
ACCENTO/3: cm 240 x 90 x 73 h
ACCENTO/4: cm 260 x 100 x 73 h

White Carrara or Black Marquinia marble top
ACCENTO/1: cm 200 x 90 x 72 h
ACCENTO/2: cm 220 x 90 x 72 h
ACCENTO/3: cm 240 x 90 x 72 h
ACCENTO/4: cm 260 x 100 x 72 h


  • Oiled walnut
    Oiled walnut

  • Natural larch
    Natural larch

  • Green larch
    Green larch

  • Finish - Coffee black larch
    Coffee black larch

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