by Enzo Berti

The round table is the ultimate symbol of sharing. The circular shape creates conviviality and gives a special harmony to the surroundings.

But Diade is not just a simple round table: the circle opens and make room for guests. An eulogy to symmetry and formal clarity, as well as the mastery of craftsmen concealed in an elegant sequence of sophisticated details.

Diade stands up for its special construction technique that maintain the original proportions, spreading the harmony created by the circle. Extending a round table is always a big challenge. The circular walnut shape blooms like a flower around its center: a metal core, hidden within the wooden structure, allows to extend the table in two different directions. The central leg divides in two perfect halves and opens the center that remains suspended: a feeling of weightlessness that enhances the new shape of the table.


Closed: cm 140 x 140 x 78 h
1 leaf:  cm 195 x 140 x 78 h
2 leaves: cm 250 x 140 x 78 h


  • Oiled walnut
    Oiled walnut

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