by Enzo Berti

Break up to make up. In style.

The Thema System can be easily destined to equip a wall of the living area, defining a multi-functional bookcase. The same containing and supporting elements provided for the kitchen are integrated with glass cabinet modules to create a flexible and prestigious furnishing solution that's easy to organise and reorganise over time, for an ever-changing look that fulfills one's personal needs.

Freedom of movement.

The 4 mm thick folded iron shelves are available in the raw iron or white laquered finishes, and in the 45, 60, 90 and 120 cm widths. And thank to the simple hook system, they can be freely positioned even when the composition's set up, to comply with one's personal aesthetic or functional needs.

Express your personality.

The extreme modularity of Thema allows to configure the living area system so to obtain different furnishing solutions, also colour-wise. The use of back panels in solid wood with natural or coloured finish may represent indeed a further path of customisation, making it easy to always get new structures.

One system, two souls, countless possibilities.

Four module widths, single or double-door wall units and the possibility to rearrange shelves. Push/pull system or with handles and soft-closing hinges, showcase or wooden-door wall units. Two top quality woods: Austrian larch and American walnut. We have all you need to create a once-in-a-million environment. And if the choice doesn't seem broad enough for you, we can also paint it any RAL colour.

Your personal showcase.

Besides the elegant wall units with wooden doors, Thema also offers luminous glass showcase units, so that you can highlight your most beautiful objects. The glass sides allow for the maximum light to get in, while the solid wood structure and hinges designed ad hoc grant a perception of solidity and fine aesthetics.

Quality is doing things well when nobody's watching you.

The elements of Thema, as every Lando product, shine with the same quality even in the least visible spots. The back sides of the wall units and panels are, in fact, refined with the same cure and attention that simply are in our artisans' DNA.

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