by Paola Navone

Design year 2005

With its sparkling notes, the GB 505 chair with armrests enlights your living space.

Inspired by the famous features of the Caribbean architectural style, the GB515 Chair regains the third dimension taking   new depths and Baroque volumes shapes. The structure of the furniture, made completely of solid oak wood, boasts the peculiar handmade saw cut surface effect. The seat and the backrest are generously stuffed to give the chair a greater ergonomic level. The fabric is manually riveted to the structure thanks to the expert of the creaftmen, who pin it as if to appease its expansion.




  • structure totally made of solid wood

  • chair with armrests 

  • seat and backrest stuffed with manually riveted fabric


the surprising comfort.

The fabric, combined with the technique of the application, makes the solid wood chair an element that embodies the flavor of the past and introduces itself as a new reinterpretation of the decor. In such wise it brings in everyday life the warmth and the elegance of LANDO’s values.


the artisanal soul.

The GB515 structure is made completely of solid wood with a superficial intaglio which gives value to its aesthetic.The final result reminds the irregular kerf marks made by the ancient artisans’ saws and it gives the wood a new materiality. Equipped with two side armrests and a large seat, this decor was designed to be extremely ergonomic.

technical details



cm 60 x 57 x 96 h
Seat height: cm 52
Armrest height: cm 70


production time

8 weeks

design by Paola Navone

Blunt, dreamer, eclectic: in her soul Oriental flavours and colours coexist, linked with the taste and the shape of the West, full of traditions, opened and in constant evolution. Paola Navone, Turin-born and Milan-based, she is -first of all- citizen of the world.

finishes of the structure


fabrics for the lining of the seat and the backrest

use and maintenance

For a regular maintenance the use of a small quantity of a neutral detergent with a moist cloth is recommended. To improve the degreasing power of the detergent you use, it is possible to use warm water.  In case of contact with acidic or aggressive substances, remove the substance as soon as possible. Avoid aggressive products such as ammonia loadings, solvents, sodium hypochlorite, ethyl alcohol in high concentrations, concentrated acids, abrasive detergents, since those types of substances could affect the integrity of the finishes.


A state-of-the-art production facilities, an organized and a technical department experienced in processing various materials, make LANDO an ideal partner to realize your projects.


The sophisticated aura, genuine at once,   emanating from LANDO’s products, derives from a purely handmade work, coming from the skillful hands of Italian artisans.


A top-quality furniture means also that it is eco-friendly. The wood used for each LANDO product comes exclusively from controlled forest, managed in conformity with ecological processes.


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