by Enzo Berti

Industrial look. With a handcrafted soul.

The Forgia kitchen top is entirely made of single 20/10 mm thick flat sheets of stainless steel, molded and brushed by the hands of italian artisans, and can be fitted with extreme freedom in the structures of the collection: either in the unprecedented version on a table, or on wooden stands, like Dolmen.

The design of Forgia is planned to the smallest detail: the clean line aesthetic embraces functionality, thanks to the inclusion of additional elements that run on the worktop, including sink and cooking area, and define an efficient and orderly kitchen.

The first meeting of two worlds.

The innovative combination of a material such as Austrian larch, whose essence is brought out by the sandblasting and heating to which it's undergone in Lando's workshops,  and stainless steel, for which we have ideated a hand-brushing technique that gives it a new found warmth, is a breath of fresh air in the kitchen world.

The larch doors, dressed in 15/10 mm thick stainless steel, lend themselves to the decoration of a loft in the center of New York, as much as to that of a house facing the Mediterranean sea.

Change is in the air.

The extractor hood proposed by the Convivio collection reflects the essential aesthetic lines of the project. The tubular shape is enhanced by fine finishes that allow to choose between the hand-brushed stainless steel version and the matt black edition.


MYA, the gas cooktop.

Completely in solid stainless steel, MYA cooktops are made-to-order: this means that each MYA cooktop is carefully crafted by a specialist, in Italy, for the client only. The special warmth of this hand-made object is also clear to the eye: its hand-brushed finish immediately creates a sense of familiarity.

The 4 burners can be adjusted by turning the frontal knobs (also in solid stainless steel and laser-printed); the elements that form the grid can be turned to create a wider surface and allow for cooking with bigger pots and pans. 

Starting from Fall 2017, LANDO's MYA gas cooktop will be available for purchase and standalone installation on any kitchen worktop. 

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