by Enzo Berti

Composizione Dolmen nero marquinia, fenix e noce canaletto

Striking beauty.

Made entirely of marble, the Dolmen kitchen top presents a sculptural and monolithic appearance in the matt Marquinia black, Calacatta Borghini White and Carrara white versions. In this unique stone form, the functions of cooking and washing, spaced out with broad worktops, have been skillfully integrated.

The freedom of composition of these collections allows to integrate Dolmen with the structures of Thema, to comply with one's personal aesthetic needs and space management.

Perfect geometries.

The extremely graphic design of the Thema elements perfectly matches the absolute lines of the Dolmen island.

The gaps between the units, the stainless steel handles and the raw iron shelves — specifically designed for this collection — create a sequence of volumes and contrasts that render this kitchen just different from any other.

From any point of view.


Fully integrated.

Thanks to the guide system that we've designed, it is possible to completely conceal fully integrated dishwashers by coupling our door to the chosen appliance. For a seamless result without compromises.

Next-gen materials.

High-tech, innovative materials and a design with essential lines merge with the territoriality, materiality and craftsmanship that have always distinguished Lando.

The result is a cutting edge solution with the warmth of the kitchen of the past, a space where solid wood and marble meet the hand-brushed steel and the nanotechnology of Fenix™.

Change is in the air.

The extractor hood proposed by the Convivio collection reflects the essential aesthetic lines of the project. The tubular shape is enhanced by fine finishes that allow to choose between the hand-brushed stainless steel version and the matt black edition.

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