Enzo Berti
Enzo Berti

Enzo defines the best synthesis of form and function, reaching for simplicity without overlooking detail.

With both his notable creative ability and his outstanding aesthetic sense, his designs reveal his artistic origins, which are never just the outcome from ordinary technical intuitions. With his natural ability, Enzo defines the best synthesis of form and function, aiming to simplify without overlooking detail.

The result of his way of proceeding brings to his creation of elements capable of possessing a soul that somehow connects them to history and the environment that surrounds us…strong objects, in some measure traditional but that lead almost inadvertently to progress in how to be aware of things.

Over the years, he has collaborated with the main national and international entities who are active in the interior design sector, receiving numerous awards for recognition, among which the Compasso d’oro 2014, for which he has been nominated several times, and the IBD Product Design Award (USA) in1991.

For Lando, he has designed and coordinated the production of the new kitchen system and new collectionof tables and cupboards Lando Convivio, which has been officially presented at the International Furniture Salon of Milan, 2012.

Paola Navone
Paola Navone

Born in Turin, Paola Navone has adopted Milan as her home; but above all she’s a citizen of the world.

Paola Navone has a straightforward approach, a visionary style and an eclectic philosophy. Her soul is full of the flavours and colours of the Orient, which she knows, loves and visits, and the taste and forms of the West, rich in traditions, open and on the move.
Born in Turin, Paola Navone has adopted Milan as her home, but above all she is a citizen of the world.

Happy and relaxed she changes roles from architect, designer and art director to interior decorator and exhibition and event organiser for a highly selective customer portfolio, including Armani Casa, Cappellini, Baxter, Poliform...

Many are the prizes she’s been awarded: 1983 Osaka, International Design Award; Prix d’éxcellence by Marie Claire Maison; Prix createur de l’année by Maison et Object; 2000 Cologne, Designer of the Year by the magazine Architektur und Wohnen; 2011 Milano, Elle Deco International Design Awards (Edida) for Bed Bug by Poliform; Elle Deco International Design Awards (Edida) for the Metroquadro collection by Richard Ginori.

Paola Navone designed the Gingerbread collection and coordinated the Nuova Falegnameria collection for Lando.

Nicola Gisonda
Nicola Gisonda

The interest for the properties and potentialities of the materials is paired by the ability to engineer the project.

Clear and rigorous lines are his signature marks, the invisible thread that makes all of his projects distincted.

The unnecessary decoration is replaced by carefully studied details that add value and highlight the structural and materical elements. His works gain, this way, an exceptional expressive strenght that delivers pure shapes that are anything but ordinary.

Structure and material are key arguments, and the interest for the properties and the potentialities of the single materials are paired by the ability to engineer the project and to conceive the idea well considering every phase of the making process, in a perfect synthesis of form and function.

The plot of these themes converge into his architectural and design works, never disconnected from the concept and the sensations around him.

Born and bred in Milan, he graduated at the Politecnico academy.

His activity ranges over from architectural projects to industrial design, from public place concepts to residential interior design.

After several years spent on projects in the residential building sector, in the last 15 years he is particularly dedicated to the requalification of neglected industrial areas, sensing the demand of a city, Milan, that was starting its metamorphosis. Standing out from his most notable works in this regard, are the Officine del Volo.

For Lando, Gisonda has designed and coordinated the development of the Craquelé table, the Corsia chair and the Il lanciatore di coltelli mirror.

Patrizio Corno
Patrizia Corno

The theme of mobility within the home environment […] has led him to coin the term “urban nomadism”.

Eclectic and curious-minded he has sought since the beginning of his professional career new alternative and innovative ways for the preparation of the living environments. His projects are simple, basic but amazing for their functional personality. Many projects were forerunners of ideations that the furniture industry then adopted on a large scale. The central theme of mobility within the home environment, a research that he has developed from the beginning, has led him to coin the term that became international for "urban nomadism".

He has alternated his work as an architect with that of a designer and marketing consultant for companies such as Pirelli Motovelo, Regina Extra, Brunati Italy, Oikos Spa, Taif Italy Spa, IDK Italy, Klopman International, Rossetti, Amalgam, Hi Design, Amat A3, Tolix, Marzorati Ronchetti, Metals, Ron Arad Studio, Nomade / GFR, and Cinova, for which he defined the product development and was responsible for the commercial promotion and distribution. For Lando, he has designed Kubo, Aster and Lola.


Telemaco has always had respect for the art of making, recovering and enhancing the ancient craftsmanship.

After graduation, Telemaco opens the Studio of Interior Architecture and Design, starting to collaborate with prestigious industries in Italy and abroad.

Meeting Dino Gavina has marked a major milestone in the cultural education and design philosophy.

Telemaco has always had respect for the art of building, recovering the ancient craftmanship and enhancing it through a balanced and essential reinterpretation, creating inimitable products capable of handing down a style that can last over time because it is based on historical memory.

His eclectic creativity and the right balance between tradition and innovation have led him to develop programs and projects in various sectors of the industrial production of elements and furnishings: from mass production to the production of objects and unique and creative pieces; from design and architectural renovation of homes and villas to furnishing of private spaces in houses, villas and offices and interior design of yachts up to the preparation of public spaces such as hotels, conference rooms, theaters and tourist villages, joining always in harmonious way his own expressive and creative skills to commercial and aesthetic needs of companies and clients.

In 1996 he opens a Studio in the United States and over again is awarded as the best interior design at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.

He has collaborated and collaborates as a designer and art director for prestigious companies such as Poltrona Frau, Hugues Chevalier Paris, Malerba Collection, Selleria Ducale, Hoesh Design, Lando, AJ Collection USA, Berloni, Jezzoni, OXO and others for which he identifies and coordinates also the strategies of product.

Fabrizio Gallinaro

His field of activity is not limited to industrial design, but also extends to architecture

Born in 1966, he graduated in Architecture in Venice.

After an initial collaboration with designer Werther Toffoloni, he starts, in his own studio in Udine, the activity of industrial designer and architect.

Over the years, he has developed the design of new products for Billiani, Cabas, Gurisan, Natison, Prototype, Rover, Varaschin, Ton and Tonon.

The work of these years has been recognized by international prizes and awards: selected project "Tribute to Gio Ponti" Morelato 1996, selected for "Design is Progress" Udine 1997, winning project in the competition "Ideas for the design of a chair European" Udine in 2000, honorable mention in the competition "project CRE.O.LA." Alessi 2000, special mention at the Rima "Young & Design" Milan 2001 and 2002, the prize "Top Ten" Udine 2004.

His field of activity is not limited to industrial design, but also extends to architecture and interior design, developing projects in the residential and commercial areas, both in Italy and internationally, with projects in Russia, Algeria, Spain and France.

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Alessandra Covini
Alessandra Covini

Alessandra is an Italian architect based in Rotterdam, winner of the Prix de Rome award (2018), the most prestigious Dutch award for young artists and architects.

Graduated in Architecture in 2014 from Delft University of Technology, after having studied at Polytechnic University of Milan and at the Technical University of Lisbon, in 2014 she founded ‘Studio Ossidiana’, a practice that works at the intersection of architecture, design and visual art.

Since 2018, the office has been working in partnership with researcher and architect Giovanni Bellotti, MIT Graduate and Fullbright Fellow based in Rotterdam and Boston. Expression and tactility play a major role in the practice’s work, where dream-world images and narratives are converted into tangible objects.

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